Manchester Wedding Videographer // Rachel and David

As a Manchester wedding Videographer there is one venue in particular that stands out as being something out of the ordinary adn a little bit extra special.  That venue is Gorton Monastery.  The Monastery was once a real monastery inhabited by monks until the cost of running the huge building became impoossible to keep up with and the monks abandoned the monastery.  In the following years the building fell into ruin, anything of value was stripped by thieves and very quickly the once impressive monastery was left as nothing but a shell.  It wasn't until very recently that the monastery became the property of a non-profit organisation whose aim is to restore the monastery to it's former glory.  Slowly but surely the monastery is becoming the spectacle it once was and in order to generate the money for the restoration the monastery is now a fantastic wedding venue.  It boats the second highest vaulted ceiling in the country after Westminster Abbey, that's just how big it is!  That's why being a manchester wedding videographer at this venue is so amazing, the venue has a huge and interesting history and is simply stunning.  Rachel and David got married there this summer and it was a spectacular wedding to match the spectacular venue.  The boys wore matching tuxedos and Rachel wore a stunning white dress.  The guests were blown away by the venue and the amazing ceremony.  The speeches were also fantastic with a very funny best man speech from David's brother.  The evening finished with some hig octane dancefloor action which we always love to shoot.  Congratulations Rachel and David!

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